Tattoos in Mayberry

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If you need somebody to pin the crime on.
you can pin it on the likes of me
I'm a  big boppin  bomb poppin
nightlife swinger
that about sums up me.

I guess, you could say I'm an anti-role model
I'll steal from your mother a sloppy french kiss.
I'll be just enough drug to ease all her pain
while she overdoses on whatever it is.
I'm an irascible, immaculate working fool.
I come with parlor tricks 
they won't teach you in school...

I  sputter, flutter and fly
I'm the sty
reddening your pretty green eyes.
I'm the final solution
to your burning question
Why my charming, allure
is what everyone else 
so near to you 
says is actually a pestilence
you've been holding too dear
to you.

I'm where you journey
to arrive at your fondest pipe dream
a recurring nightmare
with  night sweats  
and terror unseen.

A thrill so forbidden
you can't help but open one eye
to peek
on closed circuit color TV
I'm always on the hunt,
on the prowl,
in a groove
on the move.
in search of new ways to
mainline more of my venom in you.
Turn to my station 
so we can get buzzed
as bumble bees, that's what
my misery does.

If you're a tender innocent,
depressed or just sad. 
Its best, you hide in the bush
or run like mad.

Cuz, that's what I do
is  turn- screws on untameable shrews.
I'm not the honey bee.

I don't go down easy
like  "Sue Bee".., I'm a killer-bee primed to  
 break out some real bad, ugly--
and my next moving target is you.

I'm a Masterful Fool
A connoissure of chaos and disaster.
I'm nobody's tool 
who builds statues from Plaster.

I'll get my big weapons out
they're my next best of kin.
Understand there's a risk 
Before dealing yourself in  
or your chips will be gone
and I'll win..

Buddy Bee Anthony

All editing and publishing rights reserved as is by this author

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