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I woke up hearing: (on March 19, 2022)
Servant of Christ
Jesus comes as a Lightening from east to west. Are you ready?

(Yeshua is due to return on Feast of Trumpets and even if that were this year it wouldn't be till September, so what does this statement mean?

Have you been spending time in the secret place and allowing God to make your temple (heart ready?) Today could be the day of harvest. Do you remember what Christ said the Harvest is? “It is the end of the age” It is a Great and terrible day.

There is about to be a suddenly and there will be both the beast rise and millennial rest (in the spirit) not by systems that will be the “r e s e t”. (Horrible! Millions have already taken the chip in right hand and forehead and others fell into trap of their identity prick if you did take p ri ck repent now and call out to God to set you free)

(One World Order has already been here since Sept 23, 2015 “words from Jesus and proof in the natural.) Have you been coming out of her my people? Rev 18:4 or putting your trust in man and the world. (Isaiah 29, 30)

Have you allowed God to cleanse, purify and build your heart? (Your temple) Yes in the harvest there will be ones who will come in and receive the same prize of salvation and didn't go through all the work but, if you are expecting to be the bride (the army, the first of first fruits) you are not ready. Many generals are still sitting in pews listening to man and hirelings who are leading the sheep estray. The mark and vac given right out through the churches. Our hos pitals are having F E M A replace nurses and doctors who won't get the j a b. We all need to wake up and come out and seek God with our whole heart. If you are still sitting in the church pew instead of Seeking God in the secret place and only gathering outside of Babylon led by the Holy Spirit, then you have not been getting ready. You have been deceived. The darkness about to happen and will be last call to come out.

Repent now and seek God with your whole heart! You are loved and God disciplines those he loves. There are idols in your heart or God sent you a messenger and you did not listen, so blinders went on. You must repent so you will see the truth again. It is past time he is seeking those who will worship in Spirit and in Truth! There is serious judgment on the shepherds who lead their sheep estray and wolves have entered the church and the leaders who are wicked plotters. Psalm 2, 9, 64, 83, Jude…)

God wants you protected and loves you and has been calling out through his messengers and now we are at the end of this age and believers are stepping in traps. so there is about to be a shaking and awaking and the suddenly where both rise. The beast and the Elijah's. Isaiah 60:1-3 Put your trust in God alone and obey Him above all else. All this is in the Word and you won't hear it at the podium or the mass media mind control systems. We are 100 % reliant on God as our all in all!

Many will be displaced this year, do not fear but prepare right now. The Lord is our refuge and no disease or disaster will touch us if we are putting all our faith in Him and His faithful direction and obeying it! A I know of his faithfulness in a wilderness, homeless journey he sent me on as messenger.. (Another story).

The Good news is we can all repent now and seek God and worship him in Spirit and truth and allow him to heal and grow us in His Sons image of Love and receive the spirits of God. Discernment is super important as many are tare, clones, millions have taken the mark of the beast since O b a m a was in office. (Has never left) Also, many witches and sorcerers have sent out assignments against God's people and gone into the churches and tried to take our children. We need to wake up and realize our real assignments in submitting to God and resisting the devil and breaking off all curses through prayer, praise, and prophetic intercession. Psalm 149:

God loves you and has a perfect plan!!! Jerimiah 29:11, Proverbs 2:21, 22, Psalm 37:10, 11, 29, Revelation 21:3,4. And do not fear when the wicked rise for a moment, it so he can destroy the tare and their helpers, and oppressors forever. Psalm 92:7 And the Lord says to tell the fearful do not fear for your God is coming to destroy your enemy (the wicked plotters and tare) and to save you. So, go in and close the door behind you until His indignation has passed. Hosea 26:20. Come out of the old mindsets and allow God to renew our minds by the washing of the word. No longer be conformed to this world.

The darkness is close at hand and the 9th plague in Egypt. It's the last call to “Come out of her so you don't receive a part of her plagues and take part in her sin.” Rev 18:4 Do not be as lots wife and look back. Keep your eye on the prize. Jesus is coming to set you free!!! He will come back with His and put the devil in the abyss 1000 years while we restore the earth. Keep your eyes on Him and praise Him in the Storm and release heaven on earth! We were called to do this!!! Today is the perfect opportunity!

Today at 3:33 is the Equinox. Although pagans have harnessed the signs from God for their worship, we worship the creator and are to be looking for his signs and seasons in the heavens!!! Open heaven and opportunity for Repentance, worship, pray and call out for Jesus to come set the captives free and open the eyes of the blind and the ears of the deaf and let God purify us. Let's unite by the Holy Spirit and declare what God puts on your heart as you seek Him in the secret place today at this time. He is longing for us to delight in Him. Let's put our trust, hope in Christ and His Kingdom!!! Repent for the Kingdom of God is here and the millennial rest and antichrist rise at the same time. Which side do you want to end up on?