Officer Bert

Mr policeman, former
Marine Corps amphibian,
Stopping an offender,
Driving on a weekend bender.
Hope they surrender, and
don't decide to become
your contender.
Definitely in violation
is this perp, red and blue lights, time to put in work.
Keep your head on a swivel,
Don't get bothered by their drunken dribble.
Retirement in November. So remember, stay safe and don't get hurt Officer Bert.

Habib Abu Lateef
© 2022

Philadelphia has a long established brutal history
of killing unarmed black men. The Notoriously
corrupt and brutally racist Philadelphia Police
Department initially started as a night watch
in 1797. The city hired its first day time
force to do patrol duty during day light hours
in 1833 most likely due to an influx of run
away enslaved Africans into the city. This
being just a short while after the Nat Turner
Rebellion. Which shook up the entire nation
both north and south. Philly Police Department,
was modeled after London's Metropolitan Police.
The acronym COP stands for "Constables On Patrol."
In 1870 fives years after the Civil war ended ,
a Philadelphia policeman shot and killed
Henry Truman, an unarmed Black man in an alley.
Philly PD has a long and sullied history of
criminality, racist brute force, murder and
rampant corruption. Officer Bert is an exception.
To be a good COP you must first be a good man.

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