Gender Dysmorphic Blues

Please don't attempt to force me to accept your depravity. I won't be socially pressured into
accepting your debauchery.
To you be your way and unto me be mine. Soon now, if heterosexuals should have rights will be publicly debated. Rampant homosexuality is now openly propagated.
Obama and O'Biden made it law, legislated. The mentally and morally ill with political clout casting doubt. Mental illness rules.
Gender confused. No one is trapped in the wrong body. Although an evil Jinn may be trapped in yours. Like I said mental illness rules. Males should not have breast implants or strut about in ostentatious pink gowns and high heel shoes.
Nature verses nurture. Gender dysmorphic blues. Shaytaan is the only entity not to lose.

Habib Abu Lateef

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Gender Dysmorphic Blues