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Once the centre of creation
Orbited by a sun and every star
Until  growing knowledge showed
Just how insignificant we really are.
Riding a spec of dust at a Galaxy rim,
Occupying our out of the way place
As that Galaxy increasingly speeds
Through a mysterious, endless space

In a cycle  of birth and death,
Of destruction and creation,
Until billions of years on
Comes a slow gradual situation
That, all energy burnt, the final stars
Collapse and, once full of light,
Our Universe become a place of
Endless lifeless eternal night.

For our brief existence
As our knowledge grows
We strive to learn more
In our driving  need to know.
Were we an accident that happened
An incidental, unplanned construction
Were  we alone, temporary, solitary prophets
In this process  of birth  and destruction.

Or, did we serve a purpose to learn,
And record for some purpose unknown
Until, somehow, with us soon gone
Our knowledge somehow flown
To another developing planet raising
Another developing sentient race,
The next chosen recording angels
There to take our privileged place.

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