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Saturday Morning Tears

I miss dispersing kisses from your toes to your lips,
I miss the way you giggle when I would tickle touch your hips.
I miss the goosebumps that I would passionately create on your thighs,
I miss the reflection of light that illuminates your eyes.

I miss buying flowers just because, for you from me,
I miss the way you would look at me when I did something sweet.
I miss planning vacations and experiencing firsts,
I miss how good I felt when I was with you, no pain, no hurt.

I miss coming home to see you with a smile and a kiss,
I miss that feeling of pure love and joyous bliss.
I miss the companionship and the talks about our day,
I miss that feeling that no matter what, we would find a way.

I miss the blue of the sky on the day of my proposal,
I miss laughing about how you forgot to say yes, and I almost fell over.
I miss planning for our future and knowing you were there,
I miss knowing when the time came, you would be at my deathbed.

I miss so many things, I can go on forever,
but missing those things doesn't make it any better.
Days go by, but the feelings do not go away,
no matter what I do, they cling tight and are here to stay.
Time is not healing these wounds, it has only created more,
enough time to analyze every second from before you walked out the door.
My heart is heavy, an anchor creating a trench in my soul,
dragging the depths, never to let go.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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Saturday Morning Tears