Dope on the End of a Rope

The Supreme Catalyst that alternates night and day. Who sends Warners your way. Creator of the sun, stars and moon that lights your way.

Allowing you to track of time and days. Contrasting heat and cold a condensation situation. Clouds forming precipitation. Angelic winds blowing divine dispensation.

Gentle breeze evolving into a tornado situation. Man has no protection from the wrath of his Maker. Man cannot control his Nafs without the guidance of his Lord .

Males and females are week impatient beings. Heart and eyes incapable of seeing. The whispers of the evil Jinns he hears loud and clearly.

Whispers fueling his Naf's most base desires. Money, expensive cars, mansions, haram sex, now under the demons hex. A slave to his lower desires.

So man attempts to control other men by beckoning them to join him in sin. Aa they both ourneys towards the fire. Dazed by diamonds and gold's glaring glisten. Ears that hear but do not listen.

When their Messengers warn them of the consequences of their disobedience. About how their disobedience to their Lord creates within them an emotional storm.

A psycholgical, pathological storm devastating and destroying their lives and relations. A storm that notoriety, fortune and fame cannot not tame.

A life of misfortune leading them to the grave. Suicide is no escape. Life continues beyond the grave. All actions are noted every word uttered quoted.

You will have to give an account that will be weighted on the scales come Judgement Day. Suicide denies you of all hope. Don't end your life as a dead dope on the end of a rope.

Turn to your Creator and grasp the rope that He extends. Qur'an ul-Kareem has the answers. Read it, study it from beginning to end.

Habib Abu Lateef

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Dope on the End of a Rope