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Designer Blues

If it aint broke don't fix it,
A well known old saw
Which these modern days
They just seem to ignore.
Does the Designer ever use
The things they design
Or is it just a case of disrupting
So many lives like mine?

That new housing developed
At such a huge public cost
With a daft way of street numbering
Even the Postman gets lost.
The streets are so mixed up
There's no idea where you are,
With communal parking lots so
Its very easy to lose a car.

The rooms are so small
You can't swing a cat.
The Designer won an award
For designing stuff like that.
It's full of young families
And young gangs hold sway
For they didn't provide areas
For the  children to play
There are greened areas
Making me l wince as I pass
At the many signs saying
No Ball Games On The Grass.
Perhaps, just a thought,
They'd take a little more care
If, fora year at least,
They had to live there.

Why cant they bugger off
And just leave things alone
If they want to disrupt lives
Let it be just their own.
Perhaps there'll come a day,
As their transgressions mount,
That people will protest
And bring them to account.,

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