Fanciful Folly

Fanciful Folly

You claim there is no life after this present one. Your death will prove your fanciful conjecture just a folly.

Can you remember the egg being invaded by the sperm. Or when you were a clump of cells with no face or bones.

You deny your Lord God Supreme.
You believe yourself to be a know it
all it seems.

Inform me at what age did you ceased to be an embryo. Answer that quickly if you think you know.

What were you before you became what you now are. Even with deep reflection you have no recollection.

You might as well be asked to provide coordinates and logistics to a far off distant star.

Do you recollect the moment your fetal body got its soul. Exactly how many days were you old.

You can give no account regarding events that have actually and factually occurred in your own life.

But you can make statements about what the future holds. Sounds like the fanciful ramblings of a witless fool.

Just because there are realities that you can not presently comprehend doesn't mean that they aren't true.

With ignorance supreme you deny the coming of the hour and the promised event. Before it's too late ask your Lord's forgiveness and repent

Your Lord God is supreme in Might and Knowledge. And knows all that is true. To Him all praise is due.

Habib Abu Lateef

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Fanciful Folly