Quiet Answer's To Life's Questions In A Loud Voice...

Chaos, opportunity, behavior
Simple words that collect does
Tones of voice, that compel a savior
To resort to making a rose, the wonder of us

Time is a raging bull
If the proud has a hidden start, to what is a laugh
Meant in the promises and cares, the promise full
Of good ideas and privilege to account a sincerity's hath

Does such a kiss, with its marvels and hunger for the just
Complete the irony we find, in a shared today?
Tomorrow was such a funny need, to ask again is all of a courtesy, must
The sun to shine, or a cloud to kind a worldly whole, the answer is may...

A nary done well, begin in your eyes...
The reason of beauty and its savior, the rose of courage before anger
That has run its course, when special is seem a live and a heart to give, wise
In the about and soundness of giving hope a share in the pie, of what is a rose to serve

Clarity has out done you, with a role for each of a trying charity
Spent with honor, to reason a kiss is yours
To name the decency of a faring heed, before misery knows disparity
Kept with the moments and a bared curiosity to ends, suppose grace with the all of us, is lore

Hours until a star makes love, to a wish in the distance
Separate me from a shown liberty that is a wait of composure, the risk of certainty
And the order to depend, that is a choice that can break the mold, of when a soul haunts
The very words of time, that has the truth in a hand held for patience learning to see, we've

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Quiet Answer`s To Life`s Questions In A Loud Voice...

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