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Modern man has less dexterity.
I think I know one reason why,
The replacement of the  button
With the zippered trouser fly.
It took some finger manipulation
To keep each button firmly seated
Just a brief tug of the zipper and
The manoeuvre's  now completed.
No exercise of the fingers or
Checks on leaving the loo
Just to ensure that no button
Wasn't fastened slightly askew.
Modern man can have confidence
Nothing untoward is left on show
Just  one pull of the fastener and
He's concealed and ready to go.
But, has he paid a prince by not
Having to stop and linger
To correctly  place each button
And thus exercise each finger.
It didn't burn many calories
Maybe not even a couple
But it required coordination
And it kept the fingers supple.
A lost trouser button could
Very easily be sewn back on
A broken zipper means use of
Garment at least temporarily gone.
Yes, there was a lot to be said
For the buttoned trouser fly.
I suppose I'm just a relic
From times long gone by
When the world was less hasty
Without this modern daily stress
And a man had the time just
To pause and check his dress.

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