He created all the universes. He created comets, dark matter and black holes. He created humans and other beings with souls. And all will be held accountable for how they responded and acted upon what they were told. If they obeyed Muhammad and the 124, 000 Prophets of old.

Abu Lateef Babatunde
© 2022

As Muslims we believe in all the Prophets of Allah. We make no distinction between any of them. We don't exclude any of them. In the Qur'an we are told specifically about 24 of them. However, in hadieth we are told about more. In one hadeith 124,000 are mentioned.

In Islam we are taught that there is no group of people without God having sent to them a "warner" (Surah Fatir, verse 24/ Surah al-Nahl, verse 36).

Many Prophets were raised up by Allah to warn their people to obey Allah and returned to guidence. However, many a time they were rejected by their own people and labeled mad poets, magicians or insane. (Surah al-Dhariyat, verse 52).

Some Prophets were murdered like John the Baptist for example and others that remain un-named. Subsequently the next generations would come to have no knowledge of his message or teaching etcetera.

As Muslims we are commanded in the Quran to believe in all the Prophets making no distinction between them
We respected them all as agents of Allah calling their people to associate no partners to God and to practice good behavior and right conduct. By preaching to them to shun evil by avoiding bad conduct and associating anything as a partner to God.

All the Prophet called their people to the remembrance of the One True God. Warning them not to worship idols, gold, men, women  or anything other than the One God. In Islam we follow the example of God's Last Messenger Muhammad but we acknowledge and thoroughly respect Jesus, Da'ud, suleiman, Yusuf, Yakub, Ismael, Issac, Abraham, Noah, Idris, Seth and his father Adam as all being men of righteous conduct who called their people back to the ways and remembrance of Allah's guidence.

Prophets were raised up sent not just in the middle east but to people worldwide. Wherever there were people God would raise up a prophet from among themselves to call thr back to guidence and away from error. © an hour ago    islam • tawheed • prophets   

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