Have you spent time in reflection or given thought to how a fluid emitted by man is given purpose, direction, and a goal. To travel a path, inseminate, turn into a blood clot then become cells that multiplies and folds.

And after sixteen weeks given a soul. An indispensable role in procreation. All willingly in submission obeying orders and doing as told. Have you given thought to the heart and brain. The carotid artery  or jugular vein.

How they are paired and function in conjunction. Allowing the heart not to miss a beat as blood flows to the brain. How you could not exsist without the twain without the pair. Or what would you be without fingertips, feet, your DNA or hair.

How can you deny your Lord Allah's most magnificent design. Much of evolution theory is a delusion spawned in the unbelieving mind. Jinn inspired conjecture whispered into man's heart and mind.

A diabolical illusion of which the Shayateen are behind. Our creation in pairs is for a specific purpose. Night pairs with day. Sky with earth. Sunshine pairs with rain. Male and female twain. North with South.

West  pairs with East. In submission to the One God our souls finds peace. Dry and wet. Heat and cold. Body and soul. Right contrasted with wrong. The silence of night. Thunderous commotion of the lightning storm.

Dryness of sand, wetness of the ocean. Partners, pairs, couples created by Allah the One. No partners has He. No spouse no son. Lord of all the worlds, the Solitary one. Not the child of anyone and no ones father.

Due to the uniqueness of His being and stature, it would just not be proper. He Allah alone has granted us intellect snd speech. Hands that feel and  touch and arms to reach.

He alone is worthy of all praise when we speak. But some seek out objects of His creation for glorification attributing partners to Him. Some unknowingly and some knowingly worship the Jinn instead of Him

Abu Lateef Babatunde


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