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Feeling a Little Dusty

Feeling tired, weak and overwhelmed
The waves are raging and I'm asleep at the helm
The fog has set in and it's hard to see
The wind is blowing and we feeling dusty
Dusty is just another way to describe our frame
Before God formed us and gave us a name
The enemy is watching and he know full well
Our battles and struggles because he read our mail
He employs the usual tactics like guilt and shame
False justification and placing blame
Next step is to separate and isolate
Divide and conquer, then totally dominate
But I know our God knows our name
He remembers we are dust, and knows our frame
And as a father has pity on his child
As we cry out to him, he gently smiles
He is not surprised, no not at all
He sent a savior who understands our fall
Get up child, he says to us
Rise to your feet and shake off that dust
As far as the east is from the west
He has removed that transgress
He has redeemed and welcomed in
All those who honor and reverence Him

J. Moore

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Feeling a Little Dusty