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God is so good, He never fails

Certainly, we all have something to tell

A time of a need miraculously supplied

An accident where we should have died

A calm in a world that is so demanding

A peace that surpasses all understanding

That joy that kicks in when happy just won’t do

Share your secret with those around you

Somebody is watching you, they need to know

Wondering inside, how can it be so

Go therefore, share the good news

Tell about the love that  you

Share the good things and bad things as well

Your life is a testimony you need to tell

The joy, the pain, the sunshine and the rain

Share the power you found in Jesus’s name

As the world stumbles around in the dark of night

Climb up on a hill and shine that light

They don’t need religion or theology

But a living example; something they can see

A walking, talking example of God’s love

Encouraging words, a smile or a hug

You know that place because you once lived there

Desperately needing someone to share

Hear some concerns, disappointments, and hurts

Empathize, sympathize, then invite them to church

Let humility and gratitude guide you

Then let the Holy Spirit do what he came to do

J. Moore






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