Fueling Fear

ameriKKKa is an agent of societal mentacide. An enviorment where insanity thrives.  Mental madness thrust upon the masses.

Manipulated by the so-called elite upper classes, upper crust. Their agenda is to manipulate and control the have nots. For them this is a must.

Only in dollar bills do they trust. They build their military to tear down the world. They see the Earth as their oyster and they are after it's pearl.

Criminally inclined senators and congressional clowns. Enriching themselves as the nation goes down. Pay raises for themselves they rubber stamp it.

Crime rampant on the streets where insanity thrives. The masses turning against self taking each others lives. The media drives home more fear creating more fake enemies to defeat.

Creating and broadcasting fear. The amerikkkan mass media  machine  governmentally mismanaged and misdirected. Every news story reflects it.

Mind control techniques to distort reality and confuse, distract, befuddle and keep bemused the minds of the masses. From pre-school to terminal degree classes.

Like cattle following the heard. Fear fueling compliance is the word.  Mind control techniques leading astray from the path any who seek true guidence.

Warping minds with cults of celebrity steeped in self absorbed ritual vanity. Further pulling down humanity. Islam offers the masses their last vehicle to truth and a purposeful  reality.

Abu lateef babatunde


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Fueling Fear