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A fall guy for your love

There are so many dreams that I have of you,

I could fill twenty books, write a thousand reviews,

I could write you a classic, a bodice ripper risqué

About a busty tormentor, hot stuff in the hay.

There are so many nights when I've fallen asleep,

With you in my arms, power of thought so to speak,

Bought a talisman, rabbit’s foot, mojo upgrade,

I could love you in diamonds, hearts, clubs, and spades.

There are so many times I've longed for your kiss,

Just one magic moment, just one magic wish,

Just one magic night, anywhere that you like,

Lost in your arms for one long endless night.

There are so many times when I've said, ''That's enough,'

This pains gotta stop, gotta try to wake up,

But try as I might, when push comes to shove,

I’m back where I started, a fall guy for your love.

© Joseph G Dawson