Ms. Gluteus the Bootiest

Ms. Gluteus the bootiest,
The hoot, toot, tootiest,
She's all the fuss,
Can't talk unless she cuss,
With her fake bust,
Implants planted deep
Into her gluteus maximus,
Fake Snuffleuppagus eyes, fake boobs, fake nails and hair, she doesn't care. As long as the lesbos and guys stare. Looks like an anatomical freak,
A human graffiti exhibit
A side show tattooed geek,
Needing a complete psychiatric overhaul, looking like an aspiring Rupaul. What could pocess ones mind to have silicon injected into their behind,. Fat subdermally injected into her lips, subcutaneous tissue siphoned from a hairy funky fat man's tit. Almost tripping over her own lips.
Her oversized bulbis butt cushioning her fall. As she awaits a casting call.
No morality, low I.Q.
Low self-esteem,
A plastic surgeon's dream.
A nightmare with a bad weave.
An immitation human being. A hot minute media sensation,
Center stage, all the rage,
As she receives a fleeting ovation.
A side show slut
In an emotional rut.
Driving the borderline, Gaga,
Borderline personality gone sky high,.
Ms. Gluteus the bootiest,
The hoot, toot, tootiest....
Proclaimed to be the best at
Showing all the flesh,
Ms. Bootilious,
Ambitiously vicious,
Is she still going to see the Wiz.
Not Khalifa,
Not lesbo Lateefah but
The one who can give her a brain.
Perhaps she'll cease to be insane.
Through vanity driven to insanity.
The things some will do for fame.
Not very sensible when your
Derriere is seen as lewd and reprehensible,
As Dead President scream...
Don't sign the contract
Thirty pieces of silver still ain't gold,
Don't sell your soul,
For your version of the amerikkkan dream. The Almighty dollar ain't nothing but a piece paper painted green.

Abu Lateef

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