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She’ll be working tonight

She's nobodies fool, she's got eyes

That can see, she's still got her figure,

And five mouths to feed. Her man ain't

Around, he's inside doin' time, so she's

Left to make ends meet by working at


She's nobodies fool, she's a girl on

The rack, you'd have thought her a

Starlet some 18 years back. Today she's

As wise as she should have been then,

What she does for the money, buys the

Food, pays the rent.

She's nobodies fool, she's a doll with

Long legs, she's been battered and

Bruised, play-worn and depressed.

She takes all the knocks, all the risks

And arrest, all to keep her home safe,

And her children well fed.

She's nobodies fool, she's a proud

Woman too, what she does is a must,

Her kids must go to school. Life’s

Never been easy, there's always a

Price, you may see her downtown,

She'll be working tonight.

© Joseph G Dawson