Murder on My Mind

For more than four hundred years you have caused rivers of tears to flow from my mother's heart.

Non-stop you have attempted to put an end to me. Beating and burning me to death, stretching my neck from the branch of a tree.

As a sport, me you hunt. Having your dogs tear me apart. Looting my life by the bullet, choke hold or the knee.

SeemIngly, only through death am I freed from your bigoted hateful savage animous and brutality.

Kidnaped then imprisoned by you for your profit, your gain. Enslaved compelled to labor for you from cradle to grave.

Due to the hue of my skin, you have historically sought to do me in. In your wickedness you have never treated me as a friend.

If I'm the savage and monster thatyou claim me to be Dr. Frankenstein then I'm the monster you created.

The one that you made me be.The one systemically berated, criminalized, despised and hated.

That lean, mean, stealth colored muscular fighting machine that you recruited and inducted.

Nearly seven feet tall, three hundred pound nigga that you have always admired, feared and hated.

To my people you have shown justice of no kind. Is there any wonder as to why I've got your murder on my mind?

At the mere thought of me, life for you becomes dire and scary. You know so well of the kill skills that I have acquired and mastered while serving in your military.

Did you not think that I would one day wakeup, rise, realize and utilize my military best for your conquest?

With calm resolve and glee enveloping me as I unflinchingly reach in and rip out your foul heart. Snatching it from your cowardly puny little chicken chest.

Did you think that I would forever let you kill my kind? I've got a night ambush bare handed series of murders on my mind.

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

racial • bigotry • 
white • supremacy. 
Individual social justice

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Murder on My Mind