Small Circle

The reason my circle is so small is because people don't want you to outshine them they would rather see me fall
So they  could have something to talk about behind my back.
Sis  money change her that's what they use to say.
When I was down and they were up a phone bill they would not help me pay.
God separates the the real from the fake.
My fault for being so trusting to you my  mistake.
This was a lesson for me to learn
Now it's my time to shine just wait your turn
What God have for me is for me.
So I am protecting my space keep your negative energy.
You would continue to watch me eat.
God will be so slick and make all you demons my footstool.
Especially the ones that I know I was damn good to.
Letting you stay in my house around me and my kids.
Not knowing you were taking notes to tell the world how we live.
I was more than a friend. I put you on game.
How dare you go behind my back question my character.
and slander my name
You could never be in my presence or get close to me again.
Keep your tired apologies you were never a friend.
You were low key laying in the back counting my cash.
May God Bless you but you can kiss my @$$.
Yes I will pray for you because God know my heart.
This is a reminder you have let bottom feeders go.
Let God get even that's his part.
You will never see me cry or even break a sweat.
God is going to show up and show out...
He's not done Blessing me yet.
That's why I smile and go about my way.
God will remove all stumbling blocks out of my way.
There I said it you have it all.
That's why my circle is so small

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Small Circle

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