The Juice is Still Loose

The Juice is Still Loose

Whilte Pride demands then commands White Privilege. Not every murder in ameriKKKa is a crime.

If so there would be no such thing as Justifiable Homocide. However, in ameriKKKa, Justice is not blind.

Nor do the scales of justice cross the color line. Unless you have the monetary juice of an Orenthal James Simpson.

Like in the days of his Buffalo Bill's fame, his name by some is still held high as they cheer and proclaim. The Juice is Loose he didn't get the noose.

The miracle of green paper bills got the Juice a dream team of attorneys and they spared him from the noose.

In ameriKKKa it would seems to some that if you have millions or billions you can flee justice with no need to run.

Abu Lateef Babatunde
© 2022


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The Juice is Still Loose