Yaa Rabb

Yaa Allah, thank you for Muhammad (SAWS). A most splendid beacon indeed worthy of containing a bit of Your Nur. Shukran for Sirajullah

Thank you for the opportunity to stand, make ruku, sujud and jalsa in humility before you on the floor.

Yaa Allah, we know how much we have been blessed and thank you for opening our hearts and expanding our chest radiating us with your tenderness.

Yaa Allah, Ar-Rahman Ar Raheem, Al-Hakeem, Al-Aleem, thank you for all the barakaat. Make us not among the 999, those rejecters of Your deen

Pardon us Yaa At- Tawwab for our shortcomings, sins and crimes. Now that you have lead us to the siraatal mustaqeem.

Let us not faulter, weaken or lose our way. Oh Allah, thank you for granting us another day to live and practice this Deen

To give sadaqah, fast and bow down with those that bow down and pray. For bestowing upon us Jummah day.

Oh our Lord, thank you for allowing us to be onboard, for Ramadhan, Eid al-Fitr and the six days of Shawaal.

Through Ibaadah solidifying us like a solid wall. Thank You O Mighty Lord God Allah Supreme the Most Great

You alone did create the sun and moon so we might be able to calculate and benefit the first ten days,

Greet the House by performing tawaaf as we perform Al-Hajj and give you all due glorification and praise.

We all appreciative that You allowed us to experience the blessings of Lailatul Qadr. And granting your Messenger Laila tul Isra wal-Miraj.

The Day of Arafat and Eid al-Adha upon completing Al-Hajj. You created us and will cause us to die. Let us all be that one out of every thousand. Not of that dispicable 999

O Rabbil Alameen, make us all be of those that get to drink from Al-Kawthar with your slave Muhammad (SAWS).

Let us be of those blessed to be Illiyeen. Yaa Allah, Ya Rabb, let us be of those that get to drink from the spring of Tasneem.

Thank You O Allah for the guidence Supreme, Al-kitabul Mubeen, Ameen ameen ameen

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

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