How is the life of this Dunya simular to the sky? Have you taken time to ponder or wonder why? What's your answer to this question?

Do you know with certainty or do you still wonder why the question? Does it easily and readily come to you?

Reflection, perception or an illusion?
What color is the sky? Is it clear, reddish orange, gray, black or blue?

Giving it ample thought what is your mental conclusion? Is it a reflection, a perception or is it simular to the life of this Dunya merely an illusion?

Your knowledge is extremely limited. Have you arrived at a conclusion?
Do you answer with certainty?

If you have no surety regarding the color of the sky how can you so assuredly and arrogantly deny He who created both you and I?

The One True God that will restore you and I back to life after we die? Is the sky that we perceive above a reflection of the Sun's light

As it bounces off of the Sea? Is it an illusion or a reality? How is the life of this World simular to the sky? They both were created and like us all they too will eventually die

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde


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