Walking upon the earth boasting, full of self conceit, arrogance and false pride. But when six feet deep inside the earth's belly, decomposing and smelly.

You'll wish you had humbled yourself before your Lord Supreme. Your previous life on top of the earth, now seems to have vanished like a dream.

The reality of the grave will indeed foster in you a new believing attitude. But now it is too late to believe when you should have believed before.

In your grave fully conscious, waiting in horrific punishing solitude. Finally you have rightfully concluded that the false promises of Shaytaan were only meant to corrupt and to delude.

The resurrection, Judgement Day and Hell's fire will even further definitely dampen your mood... eternally. Turn to your Lord in full submission.

As the Muslimeen like Noah, Ishmael, Issac Jacob, Joseph, Muhammad, Jesus, Moses, and Ibraheem.

Habib Abu Lateef
© 2022

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