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The Chocolate Vendor

He had a face like a failed undertaker
His mouth fixed in a sardonic sneer,
Walked around with the air of
An Alcoholic craving his next beer.
He'd been a company rep selling  
chocolate, confectionary, sweets
For one of the largest makers
Of such tooth rotting treats.

He was a mean vindictive man
Taking pleasure in other's dismay
Prepared to bulldoze over anyone
He perceived to be in his way.
Sharp tongued, self opinionated,
Ever ready to display his caustic wit
Openly showing his pleasure as his
Victims writhed under every verbal hit.

I think he'd trodden over bodies as
He'd forced his way to the top
And having reached the age he had
He just didn't know how to stop.
When our ways finally parted after
A few months of constant strife
With a brief but final handshake I was
So  pleased he was gone from my life.

No regrets at our fina parting,
With just the briefest of goodbyes.
I could see the light of victory
As I looked him in the eyes.
A false attitude of politeness
Sadly being a necessary thing.
Authority wielded without charity is
Without doubt a cruel and nasty thing.

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