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Music Of The Spheres

Is there really a Music of the Spheres?
The not quite vacuum of space abound
With a constant hum and mixture of notes
And scales in an orchestral background
Pitched at such a level to be beyond
The acuity  of any  human ear.
Too subtle for any instrument
To detect for us to hear,
Each star contributing
To its Galaxy's whole
Reaching a crescendo about
Its Central Black Hole.
Does this Galactic Harmony,
This Music of the Spheres,
Carry through the dust and gas
Across the intervening Light Years
To join, merge, and form an equivalent
Of  strings, brass and tympani
In a  majestic celestial version of
A continuous Universal Symphony,
With subtle variations as each
New Star births or as an old one dies.
As the Universe expands to
An inconceivable infinite size,
Will that music gradually decrease
As it reaches that inevitable but stark
Situation when the last star flickers  out
To leave a Universe of silence  and dark?
Can this forecast really be the end or
In time will it explode once more
And the Music of the Sphere start
To play again to a new, different, score.

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