Theres still a way...

Its over today..
I tried to tell you
Theres still a way!

You let me down
Without a sound
Theres nothing in your heart!

I know its true
You used me too
You knew
Just one more round about!

Its all you needed
To feel undefeated
Its called being cruel,
No golden rule
Has room to fit in
With you!
No one real 💔
Breaks a womans heart
Just because he could

You swore you never would!
Thats why i write this song

To keep other ladies
From your charm
Its all just harm
I prayed today
So you feel the same

The hurt and pain
You refuse to
Listen too
That you do
And one day soon

When its much too late
You long for the truth
And they walk away
Like your nothing
But someone to hurt

Then you will understand
Why your not a good man
Intentions dont make you
That, its how you act
How she feels, thats
All on you! Not her!

Its not words if your
Actions dont follow through!


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Theres still a way...