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Destination heaven


In a manner rather course

She’s got electric fingers an’ dive-in eyes,

Pools of fascination, I could swim for miles,

Irresistible figure nudging five foot nine,

Destination heaven an’ she’s mine all mine.

In a manner more refined

Won’t you stay a little longer here in England?

Must you catch the flight to Paris straight away?

Tell me what I need to do, I’d do anything for

You, let me furnish fifty reasons for delay.


In the time I’ve had the pleasure of your friendship,

In the short time since you walked into my life,

I have held the keys to heaven all too briefly,

May I beg, entreat, implore you miss your flight?


In the meadows where we walked and planned

Forever, in the English countryside in summertime,

In the luscious grass where passions struck like

Lightning, was it wrong of me to want more than

One night?


May I sway your thinking now in England’s favour,

Let your ‘plane take off for Paris minus one,

I’ll be by the carousel praying you’ll be there as well,

I shall wait for half an hour and then be gone.


My wait was somewhat less than twenty minutes,

Just the time it takes to disembark the ‘plane,

The airport echoed with my name, looking up I saw

You wave, and my heart cried ‘France’s loss is

England’s gain!’

© Joseph G Dawson


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Destination heaven