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Clark Kent has gone missing

From the Smallville scene

It’s almost as if he’d really

Never ever been

Nobody seemed to realise 

He chose the same time to go

As Superman his Internationally 

Known and famous Alter Ego.

Just when he was really needed
Superman has finally gone
Packed up all his kit
And quickly moved on.
He’s out there beyond the stars
In interstellar space
Trying to find himself
A more suitable planetary base.

The transformation to Super Hero
Had taken an infinitesimal time
But had been necessary
In his fight against crime.
It had had to be done quickly
And quietly and on his own,
But you didn’t need a little kiosk
To use a Mobile phone.

He watched in disbelief as
They spread inexorably on
Until the ubiquitous call box
Had almost finally gone.
Buildings once had useable lobbies
But not anymore
You needed a security pass
To get through an electronic door.

And then all of a sudden
Things had got incredibly bad
Putin, Trump and Johnson as
Half the planet went mad.
When he decided to leave
He’d thought he might cry
But he departed with just
A slightly moist eye.

Just when he was needed
Superman was gone,
Packed all his bags
And quickly moved on.
He’s gone beyond the stars
To go and try his luck.
As for the Human Race,
He just couldn’t give a damn.

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