Shots Fired

I never in a million years thought that the world would become
so angry and cold.
Scared to go outside because I fear the imminent danger.
It use to be okay to say hello to a total stranger.
I always wondered why my mother would pray before she
would walk out the door.
Her Response, "You never know what God have in store."
Who would have thought our babies wouldn't be safe at school.
The world has become so hateful,dangerous, and cruel.
So much anger,jealousy,and rage.
God I know you are warning us we are in the last days.
Mass shootings every time you turn on the news.
This is so much madness it's giving sane people the blues.
When will we ever get tired?
Run for your life SHOTS FIRED!
DEMOCRATS and Republicans we have a real gun issue.
Don't you care? Maybe not your kids don't attend public school.
When has it become the norm for a child to be prepared for combat?
This is America our children shouldn't have to live like that.
My head hurt and my heart is so tired.
I'm sick of turning on the news to SHOTS FIRED!
Lord protect us all as we come and go.
Tell your family you Love them,
Let them know you care.
Dinner may be served and that family member may not be there.
I don't know about you....
I am tired of being quiet...
I am so sick and tired....

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Shots Fired

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