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Living and forgiving

An often overlooked path to a better t life is

Living and forgiving, repeated many times

In the good book, good advice that so easily

Slips away in the busy, busy, world beyond

Its chapters.

Take a moment to reflect on the peace to be

Achieved from living and forgiving, faith or

No faith it matters not, forgiveness will still

Remain the pathway to the upper hand, a

Doorway to profound wisdom that everyone

Can open and keep open. An eye for an eye

Is human, whilst the spirit of forgiveness is

Rather more than that, and in many ways

The soulmate of ‘turn the other cheek,’ a

Simple and defiant act against conflict.

Forgiveness vs conflict: to forgive requires

thoughtfulness and compassion, and a

Compass set to see life from all directions.

No one is perfect, we all make regrettable

Mistakes from time to time, and some that

We’d do better to let the law handle rather

Than the fist or the gun. Malice, spite, ill

Will, hostility, venom, hate and revenge all

Have a tendency to feedback into the hearts

Of those who would seek their eye for an


Not the way I believe to the upper hand,

Which is found by ‘turning the other cheek,’

And ‘forgiving the trespasser...’ doesn’t

Sound like much but it works. Personally,

I have lost much in my life to others who

Stole by degress all that I had worked for,

But in the end, with the passing of time,

I discovered that I had lost nothing worth

Keeping, for what I lost came back by the

Ship load and inside, I am as content as I

Ever was, as for my enemies, who knows,

Who cares how they fared. What I do know

Is that forgiveness beats ‘get yer own back,’

Don’t get mad get even,’ ‘punch his lights

Out,’ ‘chop his head off,’ ‘shoot him dead,..’

Every time.

© Joseph G Dawson