Give Me My Life Back!

I entered this relationship in hopes we would
get married and have kids.
A whirlwind love with hugs and kisses as we were kids.
We made plans to spend our life together,
No matter how bad things got we would weather
Every storm as if our life would depend.
You were my lover and my closest friend.
We were so inseparable the love would grow even stronger.
When you come over I begged for you to stay even longer.
I asked you for you hand in marriage and you would say yes.
I was on cloud nine bragging to my friends that
I was truly blessed.
Time would pass and your attitude would change.
Fights,arguments,and constantly called a cheat.
What happened to the woman that swept me off my feet?
What did I get myself into?
Was this really a mistake?
I shared my vowels with you now you have become the
person I would grow to hate.
Six years in now I am stuck..
Give me my life back
You can have the house,the kids,and the truck.
You slandered my name and took me for granted.
Gathering evidence trying to make me look like a fool.
How could the person I fell in love with treat me so cruel.
Take whatever you want and please leave me alone.
Don't call or text I will not answer the phone.
Give me my life back and I promise I will never let you see my eyes again
You are dead to me you will never be my friend.

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Give Me My Life Back!

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