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Strange how the word 'click' so inadequately

Yet so perfectly describes the first eye contact

Between budding lovers, magnetically drawn

Together b
y force of Eros. An instant quizzical

Uncertainty t
hat suddenly bursts into a realisation

So potent i
t cannot be resisted, forgotten or



There are no doors to hide behind, no pillows

Sufficient to quell the longing, and no pills to

Ease the pain of being apart. You are in love,

Hopelessly in love. A love that brooks no limits

In its ceaseless quest for consummation.


What a state to be in, and you a sensible lad or

Lass an’ all, going about your business oblivious

Of the fact that today is the day that will change

Your life forever. Be under no illusion, this day will

Bring with it the most delicious pain imaginable,

Common sense will go out the window, whilst silly

And awkward will pop in for a time. Love is like

A glove requiring a little pulling and stretching

Before the fit feels exactly right.


But there are other kinds of love, the unrequited

Kind, aimlessly roaming the heart with no chance

Of fulfilment, then there is the single-side kind, a

Candle held for someone who can't see the light

Or doesn't care to; and let’s not forget the hidden

Kind, a candle screened by a cupped hand, its

Holder unwilling to share their secret and happy

To love without asking anything in return. What

Joy such love would bring should it ever come

Out of hiding, it'd be some'Click' I fancy.

© Joseph G Dawson