Hue-Man in ameriKKKa

Breaking of the buck is a method of homosexual rape. Wherein perverse, devilish Planters would weaponized sexual assault.

This reprehensible punishment was employed against any Hue-Man that he considered rebellious against his supreme authority.

Hunted, Kidnaped, chained, middle passage, sold, Identity and land theft reservation life equally cruel just not the same.

Trauma upon trauma, oppression, repression to the point of being driven insane. Daily life in amerKKKa under forty six bringers of pain.

Lynchings or gunned down. Hue-Man life and death in ameriKKKa, irreparable damage done. Not much has changed,evem worse to come.

He is still committed to breaking the
Buck, keeping him in chains or on the Reservation or behind a big beautiful border wall.

Nothing much has changed in ameriKKKa. Penitentiary life, an inmate number instead of a name.

Political tricksters still attempting to break the Buck. The Hue-Man kept on the reservation or in urban chains. Elite white status-quo remains.

And in Washington DC, in Massa's big white house mansion, there is still no reparations proposals made just more penalties and sanctions

Just self-aggrandizement and a continuing reign gving the Red, Brown and Blackman undue pain.

Habib Abu Lateef

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Hue-Man in ameriKKKa