Parts of me..

Theres parts of me only i am able to figure out . . . We all got that but people want that part we do not or can not give any one because an inward knowing, thats why others should be kinder and caring. 
Its our right our God given self, and nobody owes anybody that,  its actually impossible to let anyone but God and Self in!
The holy trinity is one with us.
Thats a place people criticize when they cant understand. 
God will not be mocked, and those who mock what they cant control in others are those who will suddenly be
held accountable in the high courts of Gods Angels and Saints. 
The parts of me too deep to see, will always remain just mine and Gods!
Every one has this part of them, too!
Just be careful before you slander a
Part of anyones heart and soul again!

Dedication to Carolyn Hendley,
My Daughter Bbyducky, always remember moos so proud you arent like those people. I love you!

- leannedenisehendley

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Parts of me..