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Class Warfare

Persuade a man to buy his house
And you have a Tory in the making
A tenant has more legal rights but the
mortgaged house is there for the taking.
A workingman can't go on strike
Whatever maybe the justification
When he's entered the wage slave state
Of the property owning nation.

Persuade his children to go to Uni
And just what do they get
A dubious paper qualification and
A large near lifelong slice of debt.
Thus the Capitalistic system works
Make a person subject to the banks
Needing to earn just to stay afloat
And expand the Wage Slave Ranks.

Persuade a worker to leave his Union
And you have him in your power
Working conditions get worse and worse
As wages get lower and lower.
A man can't fight for justice
With mortgage, family and wife,
And no Union to help him fight
For a better quality of life.

They call on his patriotism
As they erode his civil rights
Increase the police state
To combat industrial fights
Thus they divide and conquer
As they acquire more and more
And they evermore quickly win
Their cruel vicious Class War.

And the property owning masses
And their children with degrees
Writhe under their piles of debt p
As bosses do as they please.
It's called Constitutional Democracy
Opportunity for the brave and the bold
No limit on what a man can achieve
So long as he does just as he's told,

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