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Beyond the Clouds

Those that pass beyond the clouds
And take our heart as they rise,
To soar with them as birds in flight
While tears flow from bereaved eyes.


Where does time go, yet stand so still
When normally it flies?
One year can feel like eternity
In the measurement of time.


A wound is left where the heart once beat,
A gaping hole pining endlessly
For the one so dear to the soul itself,
Their loss so great, so mourned.


No one knows just how it feels
Until they face this storm alone,
The loss so immense, the pain so deep
Your only comfort is found in restless sleep.


The loss of a parent, be it Mom, or Dad
Is a loss beyond the description of sad,
They gave you life, they gave you breath,
And their love extends beyond the reach of death.


Yet time itself is the gift that heals
Your broken, shattered heart,
It fills the empty, ugly pit
And returns the smile to your saddened lips.

Rusty Blackwood

~ The death of a parent, regardless the age, is a loss from which
one never fully recovers. And it's not until you personally
experience the feeling it brings, that you fully understand how it
feels. People can honestly and kindly say 'they know', but until
they go through it, they do not. Both of my parents have been gone
for many years, and though time has helped tremendously, the loss
continues in my heart. I'm sure it always will. ~ R.B.

I dedicate this poem to Stefanos, who is facing the one year
anniversary of his father's passing on June 13, 2021 with
hopes it can somewhat help bring comfort.

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