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Easy to deceive

She put her faith in heaven,

Gave him everything she could,

Swallowed all his nonsense,

Hoped for better things to come.

Made his bed, fed his child,

Gave him room to breathe,

She gave him every inch of her,

She was so easy to deceive.


She never asked for riches,

She gave him all she had,

She loved him without question,

Took the good times with the bad.

Ironed his shirts, washed his socks,

Turned doubt to 'I believe,'

A child of God if ever there was,

She was so easy to deceive.


She always came in second,

Put him up there on a stand,

A pedestal of virtue,

Best reserved for better men.

She swept the floor, did all the chores,

Lost weight through lack of sleep,

She always saw the good in him,

She was so easy to deceive.


She fell sick on a Sunday,

The doctors looked perplexed,

What ailed her they had no idea,

They'd need to do more test.

The news was less than hopeful,

There's no way to stop the bleed,

He said 'you'll soon be better,'

She was so easy to deceive.

© Joseph G Dawson