ameriKKKan Piñata

ameriKKKan Piñata

Bedtime stories, fairy tales, nursery rhymes, riddles and puns. Indoctrinated in foolishness from before day one.

Foul mouth infantile joker comedians, adult age Rappers and Hollywood actors playing roles. Harming the impressionable ruining souls.

Hobnobbing, counceling politians as they both fake their way though life. Human-like pinatas play acting. No sensible being would ever value their opinion on anything except fantasy

As they burst open and litter society with their foul mouths and minds. Spreading poisonous lies throughout society. Rottening society like real Piñatas rot teeth

Children idolizing, imitating then acting out in real life what they hear and see from these dark stars. Who have helped to engineer a toxic atmosphere.

They are nothing less than societal Black Holes. Sucking in, swallowing up, disappearing and destroying all that is orderly and good.

A sickening societal, political and theatrical fusion. Nourished by video games, scientific and historical lies that has lead to an ameriKKKan epidemic of homicide,

Mass chaos and gender confusion. A jointly shared unethical, spiritual and psychological delusion. The clear manifestation of unbelief.

Car jackings, parishioners shot dead attendimg chirch, shoppers shot in Kmart and Tops. BLM movement wanting to defund the Cops.

Political wicketness, tattooed Moms and public nudity the norm. Bad behavior that beckons to the fire. The end stages of the ameriKKKan Empire

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

Why would anyone waste time listening to advice from a Rapper or actor that spend their lives in the world of make believe. Society has reach an extremely low point when they seed advice and wisdom from clowns who are themselves far from being rightly fuided? © 16 hours ago    end • of • the • amerikkkan • empire   

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ameriKKKan Piñata