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Nibble, squeeze an’ bite

You're not doin' it right, you're squeezin’

Too hard, your hands a
re too cold, can't

You wait till their w
arm? You’re like a

Bull at a gate, w
antin' more than there

Is, a china s
hop invasion, pulled my

Hair an’ bit m
y lip.

I got my high heels on, I know you

Like it like that, don't press so hard

An’ don't bend my back, fingers like

A feather if you want me to respond,

A little gentle lovin’ is the turn on that

I want.

When you came to bed did you ever

Stop to think, ‘bout my new hairdo an’

My sensitive skin? I love your Paco

Rabanne, Gucci Guilty Pour Homme,

But I wish you’d have a shave before

You slap it on.

You’re doin’ it right, you got your touch

Spot on, your hands are like heaven,

Slip ‘em under my bu*, my stocking

Top embroidery, made to tantalize the

Mind, slide your fingers very slowly

From my ankles to my thighs.

Pause a moment for surrender, let

Me feel the passion rise, sorry ‘bout

The list above, none of which applies,

Cuddle up, touch me up, nibble,

Squeeze and bite, the rules are all for

Breakin’, rough me up if you like...

© Joseph G Dawson