Alphabet Lunacy Movement

Drag queens, transvestites conducting and sharing story time with kids in schools. Demented parental units leading their offspring astray.

A geriatric imbecile lost in the Big White House unable to find his way. Homosexuality, transexuality, non-binary, gender fluidity, neutral sexual idenity a universal movement of bull shitery.

The primary goal of the Alphabet Community. The latest testimate to democratic liberal homosexual hegemony. An alphabetical insanity. Far from the Fitrah

The ultra-minority LGBQ dictating life, not for me but for the masses of you. Sexual confusion legitimized by Obama and O'Biden too, now written into federal law.

Ushering in a sub-zero winter in ameriKKKa with no foreseeable thraw. Indeed amerikkka's social and moral climate has changed. Making the unacceptable the new norm.

Propagandized and promoted from pre-school to the college dorm. Forlorn is sanity, morality and the ability to reason. Living in the season of Shaytaan. Having become void of the Fitrah and reason

Xristian Pastors, Reverends and Peachers prostelitizing, to their flock and giving credence to the crime. All will be held accountable for the role that they have played.

In the perpetuation of the crime. Unless they repent and change. Learn how to behave before the Resurrection and Judgement Day. It's too late once you enter the grave.

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde


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Alphabet Lunacy Movement