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Chasing skirt

What dreams cause love to drift away?

What contact brings a thrill that says,

'It's time to leave, don't pack, just run,

My arms are waiting, come my love.'


A stolen kiss, a squeeze, a touch,

More than enough to break a trust,

A trust that had no clue or plan,

And gave you all the love she can.


Yet still you cheated wanting more.

Too many nights away, what for?.

And then the shirts, the lipstick stain.

The scratches, love bites, aftershave.


She didn't buy it, so who did?

The card, the words, the special kiss,

So underhand, your shame to hide,

A glovebox broadcast all your lies.


And now she knows, her heart in two,

Yet still she cries tears over you,

But that's the price of love that hurts,

To love the love out chasing skirt.

© Joseph G Dawson