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Twins? Perhaps.

In between the sheets of time,

Lie fate and fortune side by side,

Hourglass figures, sweet as wine,

Pillow-pretty, blow your mind.


Precious tender works of art,

Comely creatures, stir your heart,

Some might take your breath away,

Some might - gosh, I daren't say.


The bed is made, his bearings lost,

A siren sings, he’s on the rocks,

She'll smile and beckon, pull him in,

There's no escape, love wins again.


In between the sheets of time,

Fencing fingers, passions rise,

Lips invite, the web is spun,

The taste of love is on his tongue.


In between the sheets of time,

Hungry kisses, bodies wild,

Two shadows rise, she grips his back,

His child is hers, twins? Perhaps.

© Joseph G Dawson