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Tighten Your Circle

When you're in trouble, or you're in doubt
When you are in a situation you can't figure out
When you need a miracle and your faith is low
When tough times come, where do you go?
Facebook friends? Instagram followers?
Social media advisors? Self help callers?
When you're being tempted in the dead of night
Being called to do wrong but you want to do right
Who is in your circle; who is in your camp?
Who stands with you, hailing you as the champ?
Who do you confide in, who can you trust?
A very important question for all of us
Jesus had followers, more than a few
But he had a situation in Mark 5:22
A man with a problem, and a whole lot of faith
And he met others needs along the way
The man held on, and waited quit a while
Desperate in deed to save his child
When the time came to ignore the doubt
He watched a Jesus put non believers out
He had to tighten the circle around him
Only true believers were aloud to go in
There is something so significant is this
A heavenly lesson we just can't miss
In this age of likes, followers and friends
On who in your circle can you depend
And if by chance there is one or two
Why keep the others so close to you?
Love all of course, as Jesus said
But recognize the narrow road ahead
And if you are to make it through
Understand not all would want you to
Surround yourself with faith filled friends
Who will fast and pray to get you in
Tighten your circle as Jesus did
When He healed the ruler's kid
And be sure of the circle you are in
And commit to be a faithful friend

J. Moore

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Tighten Your Circle