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The rhythm of love

Where the river of dreams meets the tide of despair,

'Cross the creek of commotion and lost love affairs,

Where broken hearts drown in the tears of neglect,

And the bells of betrayal toll for those who'll be next.


Where the long lonely nights tick by ever so slow,

Where the pain love inflicted bars sleep from the door,

Where the cheated all go for some rest and respite,

To a place called Delusion where hope thrives on lies.


Where a lie is a good as the truth any day,

On the nights when you know love is fading away,

Can't be helped I suppose, it's the way that we're made,

She didn't come home, guess she must be delayed.


The rhythm of love, sweet duet or a drone?

Believe if you will, 'til he doesn't come home,

Til the truth is revealed in the leaves of a cup,

And a new beat begins in the search for true love.

© Joseph G Dawson