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The Issue

Never mind how it started or when it began
The point now is it was not part of the plan
Here in full force with intentions to stay
Finance and physicians couldn't drive it away
Unhealthy thoughts of an eternal curse
All time, thought, and effort only made it worse
Word came of a man with power to heal
Are the stories true; could this be real
Somehow faith stirred up inside
Get as close as possible when he walks by
But when and how and remain unseen
This issue, my issue is so unclean
Maybe just a touch; his garments hem
Surely the healing will come then
He'll pass, I'll reach, just touch and go
With such a crowd no one will know
But he knew, some how he knew
What to say now, what to do
Fall down and confess; Lord it is me
The issue exposed at mercy's feet
The end result is healing and peace
And the issue that lingered so long
By faith in action is forever gone
J Moore

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The Issue