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Take it all Lord, I don’t need it

All this anger, all this fear

Can’t be prideful or conceded

It’s only by grace that I am here

I don’t need fortune, I don’t need fame

All that glitters may not be gold

The God of heaven knows my name

To that reality I will hold

I give you all I have

In exchange for what you give

My present, my future, and my past

Only in you can I truly live

Take my hopes and my dreams

You can have my family too

My ends can only justify my means

If my end is found in you

Give me Your wisdom and You take mine

It has not gotten me very far

The things conjured in my mind

Rarely represent the way they are

Take my vision, the things I see

Lift the fog of natural view

Take my hand and walk with me

Allow me Lord to walk with you

Not known to quit, but this time I’m done

I now realize my limitations

I fall into the open hands of Your son

To mold me into a new creation

Palms up, head down, I fall at your feet

Tired and weary, soaked in tears

All my needs now Yours to meet

Looking forward to better years

Thank you Jesus for your mercy

I praise you Lord for you grace

Your sacrifice has made me worthy

I can’t wait to behold your face


J. Moore



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