Grand Architect

He who creates and originates, nourishes, sustains, expands, diminishes and repeats.

Giver of life, creator of death. Master of a day that cannot be diverted. A day wherein the wicked must pay for all whom they have hurted.

Originating author of the winds that carry the clouds. The thunder clap frightening and loud.

Bringing life giving rain to nourish cattle, fruit, fowl and grain. Maker of mountains, valleys and plains.

To Him all praise is due. Grand Architect of the heavens, earth and sea. The One that survives when nothing else remains.

Creator of you and me. Our Lord God Supreme. There is no deity worthy of worship but he.

The Creator of Phophesy making Muhammad its seal. Allah Al-Wakeel the Glorious, Al-Haqq the real

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

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Grand Architect