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A Reader's Raptor By The Chapter

To suddenly find yourself enwrapped
completely in a book,
as if you've passed a Welcome sign
to get a better look,

can magically dispel surroundings,
changing where you are
to make-believe realities
in settings near-yet-far.

The mundane world around you fades,
the pages come alive,
as plots within them find the pulse
that allows them to revive!

You enter in, and don't look back;
the story lures you deeper.
The further in you find yourself,
intrigue is getting steeper.

You've found you're in a real page-turner;
you can't put it down,
whether romance, science fiction,
or a real ghost town.

You savor every juicy page
when nearing the conclusion,
in hopes of reaching the big climax
and not disillusion.

The climax wins out in the end
you're feeling all ecstatic,
then learn the book is in a series
and you turn fanatic!



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A Reader`s Raptor By The Chapter